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Powershell Direct is the new cool feature that came along with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 ( Since Technical Preview ). It enables you to run arbitrary PowerShell in a Windows 10 or Windows Server VM Guest directly from your Hyper-V host without worrying about the network configuration or remote management settings.

Operating system requirements:

  • Host: Windows 10, Windows Server Technical Preview 2, or later running Hyper-V.
  • Guest/Virtual Machine: Windows 10, Windows Server Technical Preview 2, or later.

To connect and manage a VM-Guest using Powershell Direct, just do the following :

1. Open an elevated Powershell Prompt.

2. Find the VM Guest Name that you wish to connect to, execute “Get-VM | Select  Name”. Note down the name of the VM.

3. Execute New-PSSession -VMName “nameofthevm” -Credential “username” . 

4. To exit the connected session, execute “Exit-PSSession”

What else can you do with Powershell Direct? You can Invoke commands or execute scripts ( Invoke-Command ) or even copy files ( Copy-Item )!

Source MSDN