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I’m pleased to announce that I am now a Microsoft Certified Trainer! Last month, on week 5-11 of June the Microsoft Certified Trainers Summit took place in Thessaloniki, Greece and in the context of this I attended the IAMCT ATT Training. The Approved Technical Trainer (ATT) Training is a Train the Trainer ILT 3 day course which leads to a teaching certification that enables you to apply for status as an MCT. The course is exclusively operated by the International Association of Microsoft Certified Trainers (IAMCT).

After earning the ATT certification and by meeting all the requirements (Possess at least one current Microsoft Certification) I went through the enrollment process for becoming an MCT. What is the enrollment process? It’s a process which Microsoft validates that you hold valid credentials for becoming an MCT and of course you have to pay the enrollment fee (336 € for Greece). The MCT status, unfortunately, expires every 12 months and in order to retain your active status (if not you go passive, MCT Alumni) you have to fulfill some requirements such as deliver at least one Training during the 12 months and be evaluated with a minimum average score of 7.0 and above (9 is the limit). Also, you have to pay the annual fee which varies depending on your location/country.

Benefits of becoming an MCT

  • A not-for-retail TechNet subscription, which gives you free download access to a very large majority of Microsoft titles.  The catch is that you can’t use it for business purposes, but you can use it for sharpening your own skills. (Windows Server, Systems Center, SQL, Exchange, Office365 & Azure)
  • MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum)  courseware.
  • Access to MOL (Microsoft Online Labs) for the trainer and the students.
  • Access to the MCT Forums. Always beneficial for a professional to interact with such a great community.
  • Free Software offerings for MCT’s (Camtasia, Snagit etc).

Why did I become an MCT? Because I am a continuous learner, I enjoy influencing people who are passionate about IT, interested in gaining early access to all the latest Technology insights and for 9000 (current MCT population) additional reasons, the community!

Here are some pictures from the MCT Summit 2017, a blend of baby and veteran MCT’s!


The next MCT Summit will take place in Germany, Cologne which for the first time will be a Global event! This year was a blast and hope to see all of you next year in Germany!

Additional information regarding the MCT Program and IAMCT can be found in the links below.