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As you have already noticed, in Windows Server 2016 there is no available GUI option to configure settings for Windows Updates. Why so? Well, that’s a good question! However, there are 3 ways to configure Windows Updates:

  • Group Policy
  • Server Configuration Tool
  • Registry

In this blog post, I will demonstrate the way of configuring Automatic Updates behavior though registry by using PowerShell.

To disable Automatic Windows Updates, execute the following cmdlet from an elevated PowerShell Prompt.

The above cmdlet will alter the registry key named “AU” as shown below.

What are the other available options?

  • Value -1: Disable Automatic Updates.
  • Value -2: Notify before download.
  • Value -3: Automatically download and notify of installation.
  • Value -4: Automatically download and schedule installation. Only valid if values exist for ScheduledInstallDay and ScheduledInstallTime.
  • Value -5: Automatic Updates is required and users can configure it.

Thanks for reading!