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The new version of Veeam’s Backup for Office 365 (V 3.0) is out! This is the latest product release of Veeam’s popular backup suite for Office 365. The release brings significant performance enhancements and adds new functionality. So the new release is here and many of us wanted to quickly try out the new version or upgrade our production deployments. The upgrade is a very straight process (thank you Veeam) and it just takes a few minutes to complete!

The new update is in place and when I try to perform a restore process using the Veeam’s Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint or Exchange I get the following error:

Incompatible Veeam Backup for Office 365 server version (received, expected: 9.6.41053)

What, wait what happened? So what’s going on? Am I using a newer version of the Explorer which is not compatible with VBO Server? Actually the error is misleading 🙂 According to Anthony’s Spiteri recent post, it’s actually talking about the version of the Explorer rather than the VBO server its self.

So what needs to be done? Head back to the file location where the installation files are located and run the installation of these 2 MSI’s to update both Veeam Explorers.

Once finished, try again opening a restore point using one of the two Explorers from the VBO console.

Veeam Explorer issue resolved.

Thanks for reading!