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Hi ppl! Recently I deployed a Hyper-V Cluster of 2 nodes ( Server 2016 yay! ) with no shared traditional storage but over SMB 3.0 shares ( yay! ) and I experienced the error mentioned in the Blog Post title.

Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 1069
Source: Microsoft-Windows-FailoverClustering

What was the actual issue? The issue was that I couldn’t Live Migrate a from Node 1 to Node 2 and vice versa. After thorough investigation and eventually without any detailed logging why this was happening, I managed to found the issue! The type of the SMB Share was incorrect and it was lacking of the appropriate File and Folder permissions.

So how we can create a proper SMB share that will host Virtual Machine Disks?

      1. On the Server that will host the SMB 3.0 Share (Standalone or SoFS) open the Server Manager, click on File and Storage Services.

      2. Click Shares, click the drop down “Tasks” and then choose New Share.

      3. Select the Profile for this Share  “SMB share – Applications” and click Next.

      4. Share Location, choose between a Disk Drive or a Custom Path and click Next.

      5. Specify a shared name for the newly created folder/share and click Next

      6. Click Next on the Other Settings

      7. Click on Customize Permissions, Select Principal, Object Types and mark Computers. Now add the Computer Accounts of the Hyper-V Cluster Nodes that will be accessing this SMB Share and assign Full Access Permission.

      8. On the confirmation page, click Create.

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