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An interesting update has been around for not so long time apparently. What was used up to now, in regards to onboarding non-azure servers to Azure Arc service, was to onboard either a single server or multiple servers at scale.

Lately, a new option made its appearance on the Portal, while still remains under preview.

This option allows you to onboard a single or multiple servers at scale, that were previously configured with Azure Update Management service! No scripts, no custom methods, no time-consuming manual tasks.

How cool is that?

Onboard non-azure servers using the new option

Head to Azure Arc in the portal, then click on Add button and choose the new option as shown below.

On the Basics page, fill in the required parameters for the onboarding. Under this page, is specified where exactly the Arc Connected Agent will register itself as an azure resource. Upon completion click on Next.

On the Machines page, choose the automation account that manages the non-azure servers and then pick the ones that need to be onboarded. Upon completion click on Next to move to the next page to initiate the onboarding.

As part of the onboarding job, a new service principal will be configured automatically.

After a couple of minutes, if we examine our non-azure server, we will notice that Azure Connected Machine Agent has finished installing.

Back to the portal now, the newly onboarded non-azure server is listed as a resource.

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